U.S. Stock Surge Dominates Market Sentiment

U.S. Stock Surge Dominates Market Sentiment



We are seeing the greenback slide on all fronts this morning as there is simply a lack of demand for haven currencies. Instead, traders are putting their funds into currencies which are known to be risky. The dollar has tumbled versus the euro, pound and a number of its main currency counterparts. Look to go long on the EUR/USD forex binary option as the trading day passes by.


The yen is trading lower for the first time in four days. This comes as economic data from Japan came out very negative this morning. All of this comes after the yen made some very important advances versus its main peers during last week’s trading session. All this is an indication of just how quickly the situation can change in the forex market each trading day and week. Among the biggest losses for the yen have been versus the euro and the pound. It has also lost ground versus other pacific currencies.


If you want to look at bullish currencies, then take a look at the impressive gains that the euro has been making in the past few hours of trading. With there being a lot of strength for European stocks and improved data coming out of the region, this has really increased the demand for the EUR. The most impressive gains have been made versus the pound and dollar.


U.S. stocks made a comeback as last week’s trading session extended. Some very big gains were capped on Friday, as traders felt that it was the right tem to take risks. This was after there was really a lack of risk appetite in the early part of the trading week.

On Friday, The Dow Jones Industrial Average advanced 0.79 percent to 16,154.39. The Nasdaq Composite Index jumped 0.08 percent to 4,244.03. Also, a number of other indexes made impressive gains at the end of last week.

Bank of America Corp made losses of 0.3 percent to $16.70. Cisco jumped 1.3 percent to the $22.56 level.


Crude Oil

The crude oil binary option is trading higher this morning by 46 cents at the $100.59 level. The reason why there is so much strength for the black gold tis Monday is due to the U.S. economy improving and an important rally on Wall Street on Friday. Therefore, all of this has raised the demand for assets which are known to be risky such as crude oil. In addition, there was record new credit in China, which has really lent the crude oil binary option a helping hand this morning. Look to open Call options in crude oil as the trading day passes by.


The gold binary option did make impressive gains last week, and the good news is that the commodity is trading higher this morning by $6. The demand for gold keeps going up, as there is a lot of confidence in commodities in the latest round of trading. In fact, gold has risen to its highest level in 3 months on haven demand. More gains are set for the commodity in the near future.

Wild Card


One of the most in demand assets at the moment is the gold binary option. It is vital to understand that the yellow metal has been gaining in recent trading weeks. Moreover, it is trading much higher this morning, as investors realize that there are a lot of gains to be made by investing in the commodity. There is likely to be more gains in the coming hours, so look to go long.