U.S. Stock Market Decline on Traders’ Minds

U.S. Stock Market Decline on Traders’ Minds



The greenback is mixed this morning after the weakness which we saw for the dollar yesterday. Traders are looking to make profit form the right openings these days. The AUD/USD pair is trading lower by 0.21 percent at 90.00 U.S. cents. The USD/JPY pair is higher by 0.13 percent at 102.37 yen. However, the dollar has lost ground versus Bitcoin and the loonie in the latest round of trading.


The European single currency has been losing ground since the beginning of this morning’s trading session. Among its biggest losses have been versus the pound and the euro. This has come as traders have decided that it is better for them to put their money in alternative assets this morning. The EUR/USD forex binary option is lower as of now by 0.04 percent at the $1.3739 level.


The GBP seems to be trading higher on all fronts this morning. This is due to traders being of the view that it is worth it for them as there are very high returns to be made by going long on the pound sterling. The most impressive gains have been made versus the greenback. The pound sterling has also gained considerable ground versus a number of its other peers. Look to go long on the GBP/USD currency pair in order to make maximum returns this Wednesday.


There was a big fall in U.S. stocks which we saw during yesterday’s trading session.  This was unfortunate, as investors were hoping that there would be a rally. This shows just how unpredictable the markets are at the moment. The fact is that there have just not been enough positive signals when speaking of the American economy. Despite this, the Federal Reserve still want to go ahead with tapering.

The Dow Jones Induarial Average declined 0.17 percent to 16,179.66. The Nasdaq Composite Index made losses of 0.13 percent to 4,287.59.

Bank of America Corp dived 1.15 percent to $16.34. Facebook Inc. made losses of $69.85.

Traders foresee there to be even more losses in the latter hours of trading this Wednesday.


Crude Oil

The crude oil binary option is trading higher this morning by 27 cents at $102.10. This comes before a report that is forecast to show that U.S. crude oil stockpiles gained. The commodity made big losses yesterday amid a stock market slump on Wall Street. This is evidence of just how interrelated the markets are these days. Crude oil is being helped this morning, even though crude supplies are expected to rise. Traders just tend to have bullish sentiment in the black gold at the moment, which is why you may want to go long.


It was great to see that gold ended up making some very important gains during yesterday’s trading session. Investors took it upon themselves to go long as the dollar was not so strong. Moreover, traders just foresee gold prices going even higher in the short-medium term. The commodity is actually trading lower this morning, but today’s weakness is expected to be short lived, so be very aware.

Wild Card


For those of you who have been following the financial markets closely will have seen just how much the gold binary option has been moving. Investors are aware of just what high returns can be made from the yellow metal. This is why you will need to follow all the related economic events very closely. It may be the case the gold will make a bullish surge later on, so look to open Call options.