Binary Options

Binary Options


Just pick your asset; choose Call or Put and click Start

With Binary Options, you have two possible outcomes; either you are “in the money” or “out of the money.” Being “in the money” means you receive a fixed percentage on your investment, and “out of the money” means you receive no return. On some of our options you can even receive a small payout percentage if the trade was out of the money.

We make the process simple by using the most user friendly platform in the market—and you can trade Binary Options with us 24/7. When you make your trade you will be able to see the payout percentage along with your chosen asset’s current rate between the Call and Put buttons. The minimum trade amount is 25 USD.

To trade Binary Options:

  1. Pick the asset you want to trade
  2. Choose Call if you think the price will rise above the current rate at time of expiry or Put if you think the price will fall below the current rate at the time of expiry
  3. Wait for your trade to expire