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TitanTrade is extremely excited to introduce you to our brand new, revolutionary application for Android phones and tablets. With this new app you can trade whatever you need to trade, whenever you need to do it, no matter where you might be at the time – Commodities, Currency pairs, Stocks or Indices are never out of your reach and neither is the profit they’ll bring you. TitanTrade is leading the charge into the future of binary options trading, and we invite you to join!


In the Binary options world being online a minute early or a minute late can be the difference between profit and loss. You should be able to access your account no matter where you are, and not be bound to your desk if you want to be successful. With this new mobile app, TitanTrade has just the way to make sure you never miss another winning position regardless of where you happen to be when the action goes down!

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Here are some of the advantages the new TitanTrade app provides you:


    1. Endless assortment of profit opportunities.
    2. Ever growing selection of Tradable Assets to select.
    3. Innovative Trading Platform
    4. Full Compatibility with android phones and tablets
    5. Top notch Broker Services from financial experts
    6. Real time trading, all you need is Wi-Fi or a mobile signal and the market is yours.
    7. Multiple customization options for the app and your account.

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