Follow Your Way to Success

Titantrade is proud to continuously provide its clients with the most innovative technology in an effort to help everyone become a successful trader. Hence, titantrade would like to introduce the new sophisticated trading platform- TradeFollow!

Want to trade Binary Options, but don’t have enough free time?

This unique platform replicates the actions of all our successful and most profitable clients from around the globe, and with a push of a button, enables you to copy and imitate their winning portfolios!


It is a completely FREE Add-On, and to take advantage of it requires only 4 easy steps:

  1. Open your free account
  2. Go to TradeFollow platform and select the asset you want to trade
  3. Scan and Find the Top Traders you want to follow, and open the same positions under defined algorithms:
  4. – Define the Following Duration (1 day up to 1 year)

    – Define your Investment Limitation per Trade

    – Define your Total Investment Limitation per TradeFollow platform

  5. Smart Email mechanism will alert you about all your TradeFollow results

Since time is money, we highly recommend you not to waste it and start following our Top Traders!