Professional Analysis Is Now One Click Away

TitanTrade is proud to present the brand new trading tool – The Strategy Advisor Calculator.

This advanced tool analyzes asset data and uses the analysis to determine the most profitable course of action for you.
With TitanTrade’s newest tool, you can enjoy more accurate trade recommendations which will help with increasing your earning potential.

The three strategies you can select to use are:

  • • Relative Strength Index (RSI) – This indicator calculates price movements by using speed and changes as its measuring points. It helps you to determine which asset has been overbought and which oversold, based on the most recent trading period.
  • • Moving Average – This widely used indicator calculates information and analyzes data by creating a series of averages. It is most widely used to indicate a current trend and helps provide cleaner data by removing various factors that can impact it in negligible ways.
  • • Bollinger Bands – This indicator is a measure of volatility. This is an important factor, because historically a period of low volatility signals a big change ahead. This indicator uses a simple moving average with an upper and lower limit. It then compares the latest executed price and uses that to create a sell or buy signal.

Selecting one of these 3 strategies will enable you to get the best possible predictions as to an asset’s performance and provide you with an ability to carry out trades with confidence!