Short term with the Triangle Strategy

Short term with the Triangle Strategy

Look for short term options when the market is indecisive and maximize your profits

Mark Mitchell United States

Mark Mitchell

When you look at a candlestick chart you will be able to see a series of bars that are inside the same range as the other bars on the graph. The best way to look at these graphs is in short time frames. On one of these graphs the bars will resemble a triangle.

In my experience these triangles are very easy to see. You will need to figure out the top prices the asset has reached and the lowest prices of the asset. Then draw a line from the primary candle to the same route that the inside bar is showing. If the trend is going down then draw a line at the top of the bar. As soon as you see another bar from within that same triangle finish above the line you can make a call trade or you can wait and make a put trade. Do the opposite if the trend is going upwards.

I find that the best way to be successful with this strategy is to watch the graph for 15 minutes so that you can recognize the triangles to the best of your ability and then enter a trade.