Highly profitable for little work!!

Oskar Pukki

Oscar  Pukki

The word scalping was mainly used by Native Americans to describe the removal of a rivals scalp to be displayed as trophies of war!

Thankfully we have come a long way since then and the word scalping can be used as way of describing an attack on a brokers bankroll and leave with a huge amount of money, which of course is the reason we are here and the money is our TROPHY! This tactic works best on a 60 second Binary options platform and is one of the quickest and simplest ways to extract as much money as possible. With scalping you do not specifically need to follow certain pairs or assets but just be willing to complete multiple trades within a very short time frame.

So, to put the system into action open a 60 second platform, then sit and watch the charts for a minute or two. Once you see a clear pattern emerging and the chart is heading in a certain direction, up or down doesn’t matter, you place a 60 second trade. You could even use the traders popularity bar to help but ive found through my own experience that my natural instincts are usually best for this method. For this instance let’s say we placed a CALL trade and the chart continues to go upwards. After 30 seconds the trade is still winning and the price is continuing to go up, so we quickly place another CALL trade wait another 20-30 seconds and then place another CALL trade. This whole process should last no more than 3 minutes and the idea is to get as many correct trades in as possible. Once you hit a losing trade after hopefully 4-5 winning ones you take a step back and start to read the charts again and prepare for battle again.