Money Management Strategy

Money Management Strategy

Increase profits and reduce losses with the Money Management Strategy

Эмма Хэндерсон, США

Emma Henderson
United States

Choose a percentage of your trading account to invest and never go beyond your limitations.

This is a not a strategy for people who like to see large profits quickly. It’s more of a gradual buildup but you will see your account balance grow. I used this strategy for all different Binary Options platforms and I believe that every trader should manage their money intelligently to avoid major losses. You should look at your account balance
and choose a percentage amount that your investment on every trade cannot go above. For example if I have an account balance of $500 and I decide I cannot invest more than 5% on very trade I make then this means I will only be able to invest maximum $25 on every position I make.

Using this strategy I assure myself that I never lose too much and I leave myself enough funds to be able to trade enough to recover my losses. While you may not see huge returns all at once when you look at your monthly trading profits you will clearly see progress.

I have found that the more diverse my assets are the safer I am. You should not always trade on the same asset. You should never limit yourself on what asset you trade. Take the time to recognize your trading behavior and decide on what percentage you are comfortable with. You can always change this amount as you learn and gain more profits.