Enjoy multiple choice selections with the ladder feature

Market movements create constant rate changes. You can now benefit from these rate changes by deciding which rates to choose while analyzing your corresponding payouts at the same time. This gives you the option to decide which rates and directions suits you the best. The greatest thing is that your potential return can be up to 1500% and you can even sell your trades before they expire!


How is it done?

  1. Select the “Ladder” tab from the trading platform menu.
  2. Select an asset with an expiry time and number of units. Decide which one of the multiple options and payouts suits you the most.
  3. After selecting from each category, a pop-up window will appear stating your specific selections.

Click on the “apply” button to proceed or “cancel” to go back.

  1. Click on the “approve” button to activate the trade you have chosen.
  2. Follow your ladder choices in the opened positions section of your account.
  3. Don’t feel like keeping the trade until it expires? No problem. You can sell it 5 minutes prior to its expiry time at a set-up price. Simply click “apply” to execute the sell or “cancel” in case you have decided to keep it until expiry.
  4. Wait for your trade/s to expire and collect your profits

How simple was that? Take advantage of this unique feature today and enjoy outstanding profit returns.