Politiche di Privacy e AML (antiriciclaggio di denaro)

Privacy Policy and AML (anti-money laundering)


Whether you are a customer’s past, present, or just a visitor to our site, our first priority is your privacy. For this reason, Titan Trade take all necessary measures to protect the personal information collected from its customers.

1. Providing the company your personal information, such as name, postal address, number of ID document or Driving License, Passport number etc., By the consent of the Company to collect, store, use and protect this information through methods described as follows.

2. The Company will collect personal information from customers in the following circumstances:

2.1 To open a live account / Demo at the Company (at the time of filling in the registration form electronically).

2.2 For the payments of your personal trading account.

2.3 For withdrawals from your personal trading account.

3. The Personal Information that may be collected include:

3.1 Personal Information such as name, address, date of birth, number of ID document and Occupation.

3.2 Financial Information such assets, investment experience and monthly income, to assess your trading experience.

3.3 At the time of deposit or withdraw from your account, we may request documents such as a copy of your ID document, a Bill, a copy of your Credit Card that shows only the last 4 digits, and a statement from your bank.

4. Clients will provide the Company the personal information collected through the following methods:

4.1 By completing the registration form electronically located on the Company’s website or on / on site / mini Company.

4.2 Customers voluntarily provide the required documents at the time of deposit or withdraw from their trading accounts.

4.3 By trading on the system of the Company.

4.4 By contacting the Company or responding to promotions advertised.

5. There is some information that is collected indirectly by the Company, including: IP address, operating system, software configuration and use of cookies.

6. The Company will use the information collected from customers for the following purposes:

6.1 To verify the customer’s identity

6.2 To create, maintain and manage the accounts of customers’ personal trading.

6.3 To process deposits and withdrawals on personal trading accounts of clients.

6.4 To keep customers up to date with news, updates and new offers.

6.5 To analyze the activity of the customer in order to improve and provide customers with the best products and services.

6.6 In order to provide customers with a customer service first class.

7. The Company does not disclose customer’s personal information to third parties affiliated or unaffiliated. The customer’s personal information will be disclosed only in the following cases:

7.1 To open, manage and maintain your personal trading account, the Company may share certain information with service providers such as lawyers, accountants, auditors and other financial professionals.

7.2 To protect against fraud, money laundering, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liabilities

7.3 The Company may share information with affiliates and introducing brokers, mainly for the calculation of the compensation owed to them.

8. Links

8.1 There may be links to external sites on the website of the Company. The Company assumes no responsibility for the content of these external sites, and advises all customers to read the privacy policies of such sites before providing any personal information.

8.2 The Company’s Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by the Company.

Policy AML (AML)

The Company and the Customer are subject to the laws and provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Money, which apply both locally and globally. The customer should be aware of, and declare that:

His use of the site and the services of the Company will be made only in compliance with federal regulations, and not for criminal activities.

All monetary transactions or from the Customer will comply with the laws and regulations on money, and that the funds transferred by the Customer to the Company are not the result of criminal or illegal activities.

The customer has the obligation to provide truthful information and updated relative to itself, to allow the Company to verify the identity of the customer upon receipt or transmission of funds to or from the customer.

The repayment of any funds to the Customer by the Company will be made in the same currency and the same bank account or credit card from which the funds were originally transferred, unless the Company decides, in its discretion, to return the funds on a different account payable to the customer.