Correctly using this strategy can double your profits within the same time frame!

Patrick Chou<

Patrick Chu

The “Hedge” is very popular amongst Binary options traders and if put to correct use it can seriously turn your profit from around 80% to 160%.

Although the setup itself can be difficult, the way that it ultimately works is by placing a CALL and a PUT on the same asset within the same expiration time.

After months of testing I have found this method works best using a 15 minute expiration time and preferably an asset or currency pair that I am familiar with. Whilst watching the charts make note of the highest and lowest price the asset has reached so far on that day. Once you believe it has reached near to its peak again or as high as it will go within the next 15 minutes and feel confident it will start to drop, you will need to proceed to place a PUT trade on the asset. Once the price begins to decrease and you are now in the money you will need to pay close attention and patiently wait for the price to decrease enough to open a gap between the PUT you have made and the CALL you are about to make. Please remember this is on a 15 minute expiry, most brokers will not allow another trade to be placed once there is only 5 minutes left, and so time is of the essence. The CALL trade is made in same way as the PUT trade, just in the opposite direction. As the stock/asset starts to rise again you will notice you have two successful trades doubling your profit. As long as the price stays anywhere within your 2 trade prices then you will win both trades for a huge sum. If unfortunately the stock drops or shoots up and only one of your trades is successful you have hedged your losses and have reduced the hit significantly on your bankroll.