Gold Eying Third Week of Gains- 20/06/2014




We are seeing the dollar slide against most of its peers in the latest round of trading. Investors seem to be in the mood to go short on the American currency due to the risk taking in the currency market this morning. The greenback is trading higher versus bitcoin, but this is not enough to show there is enough support for the USD in the most recent trading. It may be the case that the USD will continue to slide into the abyss later on this Friday.


It is great to see that traders have so much confidence in the euro in the latest round of trading. The EUR/USD forex binary option is higher as of now by about 0.05 percent. The gains are not great, but do show that traders have a lot of confidence when speaking of the EUR at the moment.  It seems that the decision by the Fed to wait and see when speaking of raising interest rates has really lent the euro a helping hand. Therefore, look to go long on the EUR/USD forex pair once you get a free chance.


We are seeing another great trading when it comes to the cable. The thing is that the housing, manufacturing and services sectors of the British economy. This has really supported the pound sterling in the past week of trading. The GBP/USD forex pair continues to surge ahead. In order for the pair to go even higher than its current level, then we will need to see there bring additional positive economy data published from the British economy. For now, start going long on the cable if you want to really make high return from the forex market today.



We saw Asian stocks sliding from their highest level in six weeks this morning. It seems that equities were overvalued, and investors took it on themselves to take out a lot of their profit.

There was a very big fall in material and tech companies a few hours ago during the Asian session, and it will be interesting if this will end up affecting equities in the U.S. session this afternoon,

The MSCI Asia Pacific Index ended up being one of the biggest investors when it came to Asian indexes. In addition, there were other big losses. Let’s hope that there will be a bullish comeback on Monday.



Crude Oil

Crude oil has been one of the biggest gainers in recent trading sessions. The thing is that the commodity is trading lower this morning by about 20 cents. Investors just do not feel that now is the time or them to go long on the commodity. The situation in Iraq is still on focus, which will need to be taken into account while you trade the commodity.  Get ready to open Call options in crude oil today.


It is the case that the hold binary option is marginally lower this morning, but so are most commodities. The good news is that the commodity has risen notably in previous trading days, and the metal is still headed for its third straight week of gains. Therefore, keep a close eye on gold this afternoon.


Wild Card


It is good to see that he pound continues to surge versus the dollar. Traders are waiting for the pair to hit the $1.700 level.  Both the British and American economies are doing quite well. However, this has ended up hurting dollar and helping the cable. More gains are on the cards for the GBP/USD pair today