Euro Surges after Fed Statement- 19/06/2014



The U.S. dollar is trading lower this morning after the Fed policymakers revealed that they are on no hurry to increase interest rates. This sent a lot of positive sentiment through the markets. In fact, it is exactly the opposite of what analysts though would be revealed. Therefore, the U.S. dollar was one of the biggest losers. One of the reasons for this weakness is that a rate rise was somewhat priced into the markets. We may see the dollar slide further into the abyss as the trading session drags on.


The euro is one of the strongest currencies at the moment. Traders seem to be in favor of going long on the EUR as it is offering them very high returns. The euro has jumped versus the dollar and a number of its other major peers following the statement by the Fed that they are in no hurry to increase U.S. rates. The result has been a lot of confidence among forex traders this morning. You may want to go long on the EUR/USD forex binary option in order to make maximum returns in the hours ahead.


There seems to be a lot of bullish sentiment when speaking of the pound this morning. It has been able to make further inroads into the greenback in the latest round of trading. Well with the British economy going from strength to strength, this has really given the cable a much needed boost. The talk of Scottish independent has not hurt the pound so far, but may take its toll in the future. There will need to continue being positive data coming out of Britain in order to give the pound sterling an additional boost.



There was a lot of volatility when speaking of U.S. stocks during yesterday’s trading session. In fact, it was good to see a clear rally in American equities. This was after they showed a lack of direction in the early part of the trading week. It seems that the violence and instability on Iraq have not hurt stocks as much as analysts originally thought.

The Dow Jones an S&P 500 were among the biggest gainers. Traders hope that they will be able to extend their gains during the U.S. session.

Banking and tech stock led the pack on Wednesday. Much will be dependent on the release of the employment data this afternoon.



Crude Oil

We are seeing a lot of strength for the crude oil binary option this Thursday morning. There are many factors backing it. This includes the chaos in Iraq and he much weaker dollar. In addition, the statement from the Fed that they are in no hurry to increase interest rates. It may be that crude would go even higher than its current level in the latter hours of trading today, so look to take advantage.


There is also a lot of support when speaking of the gold binary option this morning. It is higher by about $9.50. Traders seem to want to buy into gold futures at the moment as the dollar dives into the abyss. Start opening Call options today to benefit from the upward trend.


Wild Card

Crude Oil

There are many assets that you can invest in at the moment. With there being so much confidence in the financial markets, it seems like a good idea to buy into the crude oil binary option. The reality is that as long as the chaos in Iraq continues, this will be a good enough reason to go long on the black gold.