Earn higher profits with the Long Shot Strategy

Earn higher profits with the Long Shot Strategy

For people who like to take risks see how you can earn more in a shorter amount of time

Ллойд Голдмен

Lloyd Goldman
United Kingdom

While Binary Options is generally lower risk trading I have found that I can earn larger profits if I choose riskier positions. In a short amount of time I have found that I not only recovered the investments I made I also made a large profit.

All you need to do to make this strategy work is to choose an option with an expiration rate that is far away from the current price. Even if I traded smaller investment amounts I saw that I made a large profit.

You do not need any in depth technical analysis of the market to use the Long Shot Strategy. You just have to decide on the general movement of the price. Since it can be difficult to accurately predict whether the price will hit the rate you chose you are offered a much higher return percentage for the riskier options.

This strategy is best for longer term positions so that you give the asset as much time as possible to reach your price. You need to look for expiry times that will allow the asset price to move drastically.

I have found that even with many of my positions ending out of the money that my profits from winning trades has balanced out my losses and that if you take risks the rewards can be surprising.