Dollar Slides on Higher Risk Appetite



The U.S. currency made some very big losses during Friday’s trading session. Investors were in the mood to take risks when it came to the forex market then, and the same is true now. With the U.S. likely to keep interest rates low for a prolonged period, this has led to traders to ditch the American currency. Instead, they have bought into its counterparts. The dollar has ended up losing value versus the euro, Aussie, bitcoin and a number of its other pers. Look to go short on the greenback today.


The European single currency is one of the biggest gainers this morning. Investors are in the mood to go long on the euro, as it has turned out to offer them some very high returns. Among the most impressive gains have been capped versus the sterling and the greenback. There were days last week where the euro was oversold, so it is great to see so much confidence this morning. There is set to be additional gains in the afternoon, so opening daily Calls is where the action is at this Monday.


We have just seen the yen surge to its highest level in two years versus the greenback. Investors have been in the mood to go long on the yen after Japan posted some very positive economic figures. The demand for the yen has also increased amid the growing violence in Libya and Ukraine. It may be the case that the USD/JPY pair will continue to slide into the abyss this afternoon.



We did see some big losses when it came to U.S. stocks during Thursday’s trading session. The thing is that they managed to make a comeback on Friday. This was partially due to them being overvalued.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average made gains of 0.27 percent to 16,491.31. The S&P 500 jumped 0.37 percent to the 1,877.86 level.

Bank of America Corp. dipped 0.27 percent to $14.51. Facebook Inc. climbed 0.17 percent to $58.02.

With a number shares still being undervalued, this has led traders to go on a buying spree. This is why you may want to look into going long in the U.S. session if you are up for making higher returns from the financial markets.



Crude Oil

The crude oil binary option is higher this morning by over 50 cents, as there is a lot of confidence in the commodities market. Investors simply felt like they should take risks when speaking of the leading energies. The fact is that crude has underperformed recently, so a boost is more than welcome. The black gold is being boosted by the stock market rally we saw in the U.S. on Friday and the much weaker dollar we are seeing at the moment.


Gold managed to cap some very important gains during last week’s trading session. The good news is that the commodity has continued to go higher in the latest round- of trading. It is currently higher of $8, as traders are willing to take some big risk when it comes to metals. Gold is also being boosted by the USD going much lower. As long as the USD is weak, this will boost the gold binary option.


Wild Card

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones binary option managed to gain on Friday, just as we predicted. Traders realize the gains which can be made from the leading U.S. index. There is a lot of confidence in American indexes at the moment. This means you may want to go long yet again in the next few hours.