Dollar Holds Gains in Tuesday Morning Trading- 15/07/2014



Traders have decided to go long on the dollar in the latest round of trading. In fact, it has been higher since the beginning of yesterday’s trading session. The thing is that traders are of the view that there are a number of risks in the financial markets at the moment, which has prompted them to go long on the greenback. The dollar has been trading much higher versus the yen after the biggest one-day gain in a week before Fed head Yellen speaking before U.S. lawmakers both today and on Wednesday.


The euro has been hit this morning, as there is not so much confidence in risky currencies. The EUR/USD forex binary option is trading lower this morning by 0.06 percent at the $1.3612 level. There are fears over the state of the Eurozone debt crisis, especially the ongoing situation in Portugal with regards to their banking system. Investors should be cautious while trading the European single currency in the coming hours of trading.


We have seen the yen go much lower this morning. In fact, the Japanese currency dipped versus all 16 of its major currency counterparts this Tuesday morning. This is after the yen was by far the strongest currency during last week’s trading session. This is evidence of just how unstable the markets are at the moment. Among the biggest losses have been capped versus the greenback and the Aussie. Look to go short on the JPY in the hours ahead.




It was great to see that there was a big rally on Wall Street during yesterday’s trading session. Investors went long after there was very impressive earnings data from some of the leading companies. This has also helped lift Asian shares in the latest round of trading.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading higher this morning by 0.66 percent at the 17,055.42 level. The S&P 500 is trading higher a sf now by 0.48 percent to the rate of 1,977.10.

Apple Inc. made gains of 1.29 percent to $96.45. We saw Facebook Inc. jump 2.35 percent to $67.90. There were also impressive gains for a number of other equities during yesterday’s trading session.

Investors should look to see how the stock markets in Europe behave following Asia’s rally. More gains for U.S. stocks later n maybe in the cards.



Crude Oil

The commodity is trading near its lowest level in two months before the release of supply data. It is expected that supplies will increase, so traders have taken the chance to go short on the black gold in early morning trading. The black gold is trading lower at the moment by 20 cents, but traders feel that the commodity could actually make a comeback late on.


Gold futures are trading higher this morning by $3.30. Traders have felt that it is better for them to go long on the gold binary option this morning, as it is somewhat undervalued. In addition, there are technical factors pushing the yellow metal this Tuesday morning. You will want to follow all the economic releases today if you are interested in trading the financial markets and making some very high returns. Open your Call options in the gold binary option as soon as possible.


Wild Card


One of the biggest losers in previous trading session has been the USD/JPY forex binary option. The thin is that the pair has managed to make a bullish comeback this morning. Therefore, going long today may turn out to bring you very high returns.