4 simple steps to profit!

Джил Тэйлор, Австралия

Jil Taylor

As a newbie to binary options trading and trading in general, I couldn’t really understand the graphs and knew that without a system there was a potential for disaster. All the systems I came across was talking about resistance lines and candlesticks, all stuff that I had no idea about and also hardly any time to study as my day job didn’t allow much free time. I decided I would work on a system that allowed me to win money without stressing myself out. I was paying attention to the popularity

bar that most platforms offer against each currency. I noticed that most of the time the graph would in a short time go in that direction, so I thought if you follow the % at some point you would win but the trades would need to keep increasing to cover the previous losses and provide a small but assured profit.

I worked with my system on 60 seconds trades and eventually through a few months of fine tuning I found the key to fool proof the system. To begin with you need to find a currency pair that the popularity meter shows a clear advantage to either a CALL or PUTT i.e. 55% thinks CALL on USD/EUR. IF the popularity meter is 50/50 find other pairs, do not use this system!  You then select the pair from the 60 seconds menu and hope to find a 70% pay-out. Anywhere between 60-70% will return a small profit but to make big money we want 70% pay-out return. Once you have located the above begin the system by placing a $5 trade in the direction that the popularity bar has suggested, $5 on CALL. This is the first step and you always revert back to this once you win a trade throughout this process. Once this trade and any trades we place are counting down always have the next trade value ready to go as seconds are valuable to this system.

Step 1 $5 for a return of $8.50

Step 2 $10 for a return of $17

Step 3 $25 for a return of $ 42.50

And the in the big money Step 4 $100 for a return of $170 giving u profit from this step of $30

If at any time during this process you tie please repeat the same step ASAP do not go back to step 1 as if you would when you win a step.

Requires a bankroll of over $300.

Time is of the essence and requires attention

Never trade if popularity 50/50

60-70% pay-out minimum required but preferably 70%