Synthetic Long Strategy

 Synthetic Long Strategy

Reverse your risk factor with the Synthetic Long Strategy

Rakesh Smith United Kingdom

Rakesh Smith
United Kingdom

Use this strategy to offset your losses and balance your account.
While this strategy requires more knowledge about the markets I feel that the payoff in the long run makes the extra time spent learning about the way the financial markets work worth it. You will have to look at the market and the asset you want to trade on and make a guess whether the market is bullish or bearish. You can do this by looking at the market sentiment. Market sentiment is the dominant feelings of investors as to the direction of the price movement. (more)…

Money Management Strategy

Money Management Strategy

Increase profits and reduce losses with the Money Management Strategy

Эмма Хэндерсон, США

Emma Henderson
United States

Choose a percentage of your trading account to invest and never go beyond your limitations.

This is a not a strategy for people who like to see large profits quickly. It’s more of a gradual buildup but you will see your account balance grow. I used this strategy for all different Binary Options platforms and I believe that every trader should manage their money intelligently to avoid major losses. You should look at your account balance

Short term with the Triangle Strategy

Short term with the Triangle Strategy

Look for short term options when the market is indecisive and maximize your profits

Mark Mitchell United States

Mark Mitchell

When you look at a candlestick chart you will be able to see a series of bars that are inside the same range as the other bars on the graph. The best way to look at these graphs is in short time frames. On one of these graphs the bars will resemble a triangle.

In my experience these triangles are very easy to see. You will need to figure out the top prices the asset has reached and the lowest prices of the asset. (more)…

Earn higher profits with the Long Shot Strategy

Earn higher profits with the Long Shot Strategy

For people who like to take risks see how you can earn more in a shorter amount of time

Ллойд Голдмен

Lloyd Goldman
United Kingdom

While Binary Options is generally lower risk trading I have found that I can earn larger profits if I choose riskier positions. In a short amount of time I have found that I not only recovered the investments I made I also made a large profit.

All you need to do to make this strategy work is to choose an option with an expiration rate that is far away from the current price. (more)…



4 simple steps to profit!

Джил Тэйлор, Австралия

Jil Taylor

As a newbie to binary options trading and trading in general, I couldn’t really understand the graphs and knew that without a system there was a potential for disaster. All the systems I came across was talking about resistance lines and candlesticks, all stuff that I had no idea about and also hardly any time to study as my day job didn’t allow much free time. I decided I would work on a system that allowed me to win money without stressing myself out. I was paying attention to the popularity (more)…



Highly profitable for little work!!

Oskar Pukki

Oscar  Pukki

The word scalping was mainly used by Native Americans to describe the removal of a rivals scalp to be displayed as trophies of war!

Thankfully we have come a long way since then and the word scalping can be used as way of describing an attack on a brokers bankroll and leave with a huge amount of money, which of course is the reason we are here and the money is our TROPHY! This tactic works best on a 60 second (more)…



Correctly using this strategy can double your profits within the same time frame!

Patrick Chou<

Patrick Chu

The “Hedge” is very popular amongst Binary options traders and if put to correct use it can seriously turn your profit from around 80% to 160%.

Although the setup itself can be difficult, the way that it ultimately works is by placing a CALL and a PUT on the same asset within the same expiration time.

After months of testing I have found (more)…