Account Types

Account Types

At Titan Trade we recognize that each and every client is unique. For this reason we offer a range of account types allowing you to choose the one that best suits your trading needs. Each account includes the ability to trade on all of our assets, access to our customer support department 24/7, and our daily market reviews.

Each account offers our clients the right tools to become a successful and profitable trader. Once you have chosen your account, there is always the option to upgrade as your trading style may change.

For more information on the different account types we have please feel free to contact us.

Micro/Test Account (Minimum Deposit 500 USD)

If you have traded Binary Options before and would like the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our platform, this is the account for you. This low-risk account provides the opportunity for traders with experience to explore the various assets and advantages we offer.

With the Micro/Test Account you will receive:

 -Full access to our trading platform

-A 20% bonus on your first deposit

-A meeting with your personal broker to help assess your goals

-24/7 Customer Support

-Access to our Daily Market Review

-A copy of our TitanTrade E-book.


Classic Account (Minimum Deposit 1,000-2,500 USD)

Our Classic account is an excellent choice for traders who are new to Binary Options. This account provides you with all the tools you need to become a successful investor. You will be assigned a personal investment broker who will guide you throughout your trading experience as well as other educational tools.

Additional Benefits of the Premium Beginner’s Account:

 -All the benefits of the Micro/Test Account

– Personal brokerage services including 2 daily trading tips from our analysts

– A Welcome Bonus of 30% on your first deposit

-Education on Technical Analysis, Support, and Resistance Levels


Premium Trading Account (Minimum Deposit 2,500-5,000 USD)

A Premium Account is designed for more experienced traders. This account offers you a one-on-one session with a market analyst as well as more personal assistance from our account managers.

-All the benefits of our Classic Account

-One Risk-Free trade

-Advanced trading assistance from our brokers including 5 daily trading tips

 -A 40% welcome bonus on your first deposit

 -Full access to our Binary Options strategy guides


Platinum Trading Account (5,000 – 10,000 USD)

Our Platinum Account is for our more ambitious clients who have high profit expectations. As a Platinum Account holder you are given all the benefits of our Premium account with added training sessions and 24/5 access to one of our expert brokers.

Additional Benefits of Platinum Trading Account:

-All the benefits of the Premium Account

-24/5 access to our brokerage department

-A welcome bonus of 50% on your first deposit

-Additional education on RSI and Moving Average.

-Market review via email and SMS. 


VIP Trading Account (10,000+ USD)

The VIP account is reserved for investors that are looking to make extensive profits with the assistance of our brokerage. A VIP Account allows you the most freedom in trading as well as the most access to our various client services including: your own personal broker, full access to our educational department, and more.

VIP Account holders receive all the benefits of the Premium and Platinum Accounts and are also eligible for expedited wire withdrawals (up to 24 hours), personalized training sessions with market analysts, and assistance from a personal account manager.

Added Benefits of a VIP Account:

-A VIP welcome bonus of 75% on your first deposit

-VIP Market review via email, SMS, push notifications

-VIP Risk Management Portfolio

-Financial portfolio tailor made for our VIP Clients

-VIP Brokerage Personal Services