Aussie Surges 2.4 Percent in February

Aussie Surges 2.4 Percent in February



The U.S. dollar was one of the most bearish currencies in the previous month of trading. Investors felt that it was worth it for them to go short on the greenback, as there were a number of other opportunities to invest in different currencies. The fact is that the dollar has been hit on slower growth, and more confidence in currencies such as the euro, pound and the Aussie.


The pound sterling has been one of the most volatile currencies in recent trading weeks. The good news is that the currency surged versus a number of its peers in the previous month of trading. Among the most impressive gains for the pound sterling were against the greenback. The GBP/USD currency pair is now approaching the $1.6800 level. Look for more gains in the coming trading day as the British economy improves.


There was a lot of bullishness for the Aussie in the month of February. The currency ended up rising 2.4 percent, as traders simply had so much confidence. However, there are now forecasts that the Aussie will dip, as unemployment rising to its highest level in a decade will take its toll. In addition, with business investment expected to slump, this will put pressure on the Reserve Bank of Australia to slash interest rates. Traders need to take these factors into account while trading the AUD/USD in the week ahead.


U.S. stocks rose to a record at the end of the previous trading week. This was unexpected, as we have seen a lot of turbulence for U.S. equities as of late. This shows just how unpredictable the markets are, and how quickly they can move from week to week.

Among the fact which gave equities the much needed boost was the forecast that the Federal Reserve will go ahead with certain positive economic measures to support a waning American economy.

The S7P 500 surged during the previous trading week by 1.3 percent to 1,859.45. The Dow also managed to cap some very important gains.

More support from Fed head Janet Yellen is needed to boost the American markets.


Crude Oil

The crude oil binary option managed to record some very important gains in the month that just passed on the supplies in Cushing, Oklahoma sliding. Moreover, the black gold finalized the trading above the $100 mark for the 12th straight trading session on Friday. According to leading analysts, more gains in the commodity lay ahead. Taking this into account, look to go long in the next few days of trading.


The gold binary option managed to cap gains of 7 percent last month, as the demand for the yellow metal has increased on faltering U.S. growth. Moreover, the continuing violence in Ukraine has helped boost the commodity. This is despite it closing lower for the second time in three days on Friday.  In addition, with the commodity falling 28 percent last year, the only direction the metal is seen going is higher. Weekly Call options for the gold binary may be the way to go once Monday’s trading gets going.

Wild Card

Crude Oil

Crude oil has been a very big mover as of late due to the high amount of profit that can be made from the black gold each trading day. Investors foresee that the commodity will be able to build on its current gains in the week ahead. As a result, initiate Call options once you get a chance if you are up for taking risks in the next few trading days.