Learn to Trade with our Binary Options Academy

At Titan Trade we believe knowledge is power. The more you know the more you stand to gain. Our Academy offers you the ability to learn all you can about Binary Options and the dynamics of trading. We believe that it is important for our traders to understand the market in order to make the smartest strategy decisions thus maximizing the potential for profit.

Even if you are an experienced trader, it is always a good idea to expand your knowledge of the market. We offer a wide range of materials in our Academy, including a Glossary, FAQ section, explanations of our various asset classes, as well as a basic guide on how to trade. If you have questions regarding trading, our academy, or any other aspect of Titan Trade, please feel free to contact us.

Titan Trade’s Academy:

1. Video Tutorials

2. Trading: Forex Trading, Stocks Trading, Index Trading, Commodities Trading, Trading Strategies.

What are the Benefits of Being a Part of our Academy?

Step-by-Step Trading Guide – Our trading guide explains the basics of Binary Options, including concepts such as resistance and support levels.

-Monthly Strategy Guides – Our strategy guides, developed by our brokerage department, include trading tips, the month’s hottest market assets, and more.

Personal Guidance in Portfolio Management – This benefit is only available to our VIP account holders. It includes trading assistance for all the assets offered by Titan Trade.

-Investment Risk Portfolio Assistance – We tend to think of “risk” as something to be avoided or as a threat that we hope won’t materialize. In the investment world however, risk is inseparable from performance and is simply a necessity. Titan Trade’s academy views risk assessment as one of the most important parts of a financial education.